XRAY have introduced the 2020 version of the XB8 1/8th E-buggy kit.

All-new 2020:

    • All-new longer chassis +4mm for improved stability and easier to drive handling
    • All-new front shock tower with two rows of shock mounting positions with new lower shock positions for tracks requiring higher corner speed and more stability
    • Updated roll center position on front shock tower to extend set-up possibilities
    • All-new longer central driveshaft to accommodate the longer chassis
    • All-new grease lubricated bearings for pinion gears and diffs for increased reliability and lifetime
    • All-new completely redesigned IFMAR legal rear wing increases stability in all traction conditions
    • Now front and rear differential are same for easier maintenance and servicing
    • New shock bodies for new composite shims with improved shock shaft movement
    • Now included 4-strip front shock springs for more stable front of the car
    • New larger spur gear for improved acceleration
    • Now included +2mm offset wheel axles

  • Chassis.

All-new chassis was refined and extended by 4mm to improve stability and handling characteristics. The longer chassis provides more wheelbase choices to maximize performance in every track condition.
The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum; strategically machined in low-stress areas and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity.

  • Shock Towers.

The all-new front shock tower was redesigned to increase the set-up choices using the shock position adjustment. The new front shock tower features two rows of shock positions. The front shock tower features updated roll center position to extend set-up possibilities.

  • HIGHER shock mounting holes:

Increased traction, recommended for low-traction and rough conditions.

  • LOWER shock mounting holes:

Increased stability, recommended for high-traction tracks.

  • Gear Differential.

Both front and rear differentials are now identical for easier maintenance and servicing. The Large Volume diffs feature higher capacity cases, stronger diff pins, and large internal gears with more teeth for improved differential action, consistency and overall reliability. The larger volume of the differential and the shape of the gear teeth help reduce oil overheating.

  • Shocks.

The XB8 shocks were improved with updated shock bodies redesigned to fit the new composite lower shims for improved shock shaft movement.
The shock caps feature 4 bleed holes for easier building and more precise rebound control. The longer shock shafts allow more suspension travel. Multiple shock membrane choices are available to tune the suspension to a wide variety of track conditions.

Oversized big-bore shocks featuring 16.2mm I.D. shock bodies are externally threaded with an adjustable collar for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The shock bodies are hardcoated in a titanium color and feature a 1-piece alu shock cap.

The XB8E now includes the 4 Dot front springs.

  • Shock Springs.

The XB8E now features the 4-dot front shock springs for better stability. XRAY shock springs are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

  • Wing.

The XB8 molded wing was completely redesigned for 2020. The new shape of the wing increases the stability of the car in all conditions and is legal under the new IFMAR wing specifications. Made from a strong special composite mixture, the wing was designed to survive severe abusive and extreme crashes while keeping its shape.

The optional Lexan wing has an adjustable position and consists of two pieces: the main wing and the center fin that adds more stability and increases strength of the wing around the mounting area. The rear section of the wing is pre-bent to reinforce the wing and eliminates the use of additional heavy composite wickers. This makes the back of the wing strong while still allowing for wing flex in a crash. The pre-bent rear section of the wing is an important detail to create the desired downforce. Used by the factory team and suggested for all track conditions.

  • Diff Gears & Drivetrain Ratio.

To improve the acceleration of the XB8E the central spur gears are larger. Differential main gears are manufactured from HUDY Gear Steel on a precision manual gear machine. This material was specially formulated and developed for use in gears. All gears are hardened to provide the longest possible lifespan. A wide range of different gears — spur gears and pinion gears — are available for perfect set-up and tailoring to particular racing conditions.

  • Alu Wheel Hubs.

To accommodate the new geometry, the XB8E now includes rear wheel hubs with a +2mm off-set while the front features the +1mm off-set wheel hubs. Ultra-lightweight 17mm wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. The alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.

  • Ball-Bearings.

A full set of 22 high-speed ball-bearings are used throughout the XB8E drivetrain. All-new grease lubricated bearings are included for the pinion gears and diffs to increase reliability and lifespan, especially in dusty conditions. The remaining bearings are degreased and oiled with AeroShell® Fluid 12 to reduce drag and maximize driveline efficiency.

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