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PR Racing have introduced the new 2020 V3T R Pro Stadium truck kit. Based on the ST1 V3T, the new V3T R features updated steering geometry making it even easier to drive, while the redesigned rear suspension geometry creates even more rear grip and the new super smooth ultra low profile Type R shocks can soak up the roughest tracks. All new -2mm lower motor mount for even lower center of gravity and pill style suspension blocks allow for fast toe and anti-squat changes. Up in front, the truck now features an all new front sway bar system. Durability and adjustability is achieved with a complete set of front and rear aluminum camber link mounts as well as a new -3mm chassis for optimized performance.


  • Carbon Fiber Shock Tower
  • New 7075 3.0mm Thick -3mm Length Chassis
  • New RR and RF Hangers with Pills
  • New Low Mount (-2mm) Motor Plate with Spur Protector
  • New front sway bars
  • New Ackerman Plate
  • High Tensile Turnbuckles – Ultra Strong
  • New Grey Rod Ends and Shock Absorber Plastics
  • New Pin – 3 x50.8mm
  • New Foam Battery Spacers
  • New ZZ Ball Bearings • Steel front Axles
  • CNC Alloy Servo Mounts
  • Vented Slipper Plates
  • Sway Bar Set
  • PR ST1 V3T R body, Window masks and sticker


  • Length: 390mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Height: 155mm
  • Wheelbase: 282mm
  • Front track: 328mm
  • Rear track: 330mm
  • Weight: 1750-1800g