See: Willspeed

Willspeed have introduced the new “TakeOne” D arm mount for the Team Associated B6.1 and B6.2 as well as their RF2 platform. Specially designed designed to be use on carpet tracks, the “TakeOne” D hanger does exactly as it says on the tin. Removing 1 degree of inboard Toe In allowing you now achieve 0.5 and even 0 degrees inboard Toe. Capable inboard toe in range 0-3 degrees (standard D hanger 1-4) no change to anti squat adjustment. Removing toe allows the rear axle to act more efficiently, reducing tyre scrub, increasing mid corner rotation and increased on power steering. The “TakeOne” D arm mount comes machined from high-quality aluminium and anodised clear. XB2’20 and YZ2 CAL3 versions will become available soon.