The 2020 Montpellier GP was held in Montpellier, France, attracting once again the best driver in Europe as well as Ryan Lutz (Agama/Bullitt/Piranha/AKA) from the USA. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) set the overall TQ avec three rounds of qualifying troubled by the rain. The 45-minute final was dominated Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK). The Spanish racer gain the lead from the start and he never looked back to take the win some 30 seconds in front David Ronnefalk (HB Racing/Performa Racing) coming from the 14th and last spot on the grid. Davide Ongaro (Team Associated/LRP/AKA) rounded out the top 3 5 seconds behind the Swedish driver. Elliott Boots (SWORKz/REDS Racing/Shoot Fuel/Pro-Line Racing) was in the mix at the start, right behind his teammate, but the rain seems to have broken his tempo, which it will take him a long time to recover. However, he ends in 4th, a lap down followed by Reno Savoya (Kyosho/Picco/Racing Experience/AKA), 5 seconds behind in 5th. To be noted the great showing of Riccardo Berton (Infinity/O.S.Engines/Runner Time) who was in the top 3 before having a problem with his receiving battery, making him stop his race.

Final results:

  1. Juan Carlos Canas
  2. David Ronnefalk
  3. Davide Ongaro
  4. Elliott Boots
  5. Reno Savoya
  6. Berkan Kilic
  7. Jemery Pittet
  8. Joni Skidmore
  9. Oscar Navarro
  10. Marco Ravaglia
  11. Lee Martin
  12. Yannick Aigoin
  13. Burak Kilic
  14. Riccardo Berton