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German company LRP have introduced the new line of Competition Car LiPo batteries. Based on the Graphene 3 batteries, the Graphene 4 packs feature a new cell construction with higher capacity for both Modified and Stock classes, the Stock Spec batteries also having higher power additionally. Housed in the same blue case as in 2019, the Graphene 4 packs sport a darker and more technical looks in line with the 2019 look. Although the new features, the new Graphene 4 Competition Car Line LiPo batteries will hit the shops with the same prices as the Graphene 3 batteries. The line consist of 5200mAh Hyper LCG Modified, 5700mAh Ultra LCG Modified, and 6700mAh LCG Modified batteries, 4000mAh Ultra LCG Modified and 4600mAh Modified LCG Shorty, 4100mAh LCG Stock Spec, 4900mAh and 5900mAh Stock Spec batteries and also 6100mAh, 7400mAh, 8100mAh and 9400mAh standard packs.