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Yokomo have added to the range of optionals three new aluminium parts for the YZ-2 CAL3 and YZ-2 DTM3 in the form of an aluminium rear upper arm mount, a set of aluminium steering bellcranks, and an aluminium rear hub carrier set. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and come hard coated for wear with machined chamfered silver edges. The aluminium rear upper arm mount matches the wide suspension of the YZ-2 DTM3. It features three inner ballstud mounting positions and can be used upside down or right side with one side featuring an increase of 2mm, and the other side flat. It optimises the camber change during suspension compression.

The lightweight steering bellcranks provide a more rigid steering system with increased steering feel and response. The steering system includes the bellcranks, the steering link and the steering base, all available separately.

The aluminium rear hub carriers were designed for the 3mm outer suspension pin setups. The 2-piece rear hub carriers feature separate link mounts to adjust settings quickly and easily. The set comes with 2 rear hub carriers, 2 link mounts, 8 inserts and washers and screws.