The warm-up of the 2020 Montpellier GP was held in the south of France over the weekend. Great weather forecast helped to attract many racers coming to prepare the GP that will be held in three weeks. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) was in control of things all the weekend. The 2019 Spanish Champion set the overall TQ and brought home the win after four close 10-minute finals. Riccardo Berton (O.S.Engines/Runnetime/Pro-Line Racing) was able to win the first two finals but a bad run in the third final will prevent him to take the win as JC.Canas won the last two finals with a faster speed. Elliott Boots (SWORKz/REDS Racing/Shoot Fuel/Pro-Line Racing) came in third, followed by Robert Batlle (Mugen Seiki/Maxima Mx/Maxima Fuel/Hot Race Tyres) and Leonardo Valente (SWORKz/REDS Racing/TPro).

Top 10 results:

  1. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK)
  2. Riccardo Berton (O.S.Engines/Runnetime/Pro-Line Racing)
  3. Elliott Boots (SWORKz/REDS Racing/Shoot Fuel/Pro-Line Racing)
  4. Robert Batlle (Mugen Seiki/Maxima Mx/Maxima Fuel/Hot Race Tyres)
  5. Leonardo Valente (SWORKz/REDS Racing/TPro)
  6. Thomas Musso (HB Racing/Corally/6MIK)
  7. Yannick Aigoin (XRAY/Ultimate/Sigma/Procircuit)
  8. Reno Savoya (Kyosho/Picco/Racing Experience/AKA)
  9. Jeremy Pittet (HB Racing/Team Orion/6MIK)
  10. Tom Robin (Team Associated/Ileasi Tuned/Runner Time/Pro-Line Racing)