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Italian engine manufacturer REDS Racing have announced that US front-runner Cole Ogden has re-signed his contract for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. C.Ogden will use REDS engines to power his HB Racing rides in major National and international events the next two years.

REDS Racing are very pleased about the re-confirmation of his involvement in our team especially after the results achieved and many years of development together. Cole has been racing with REDS Racing products since 2014 and we are happy to continue for other 2 years. – REDS Racing

C.Ogden stated:

2014 was the start of my relationship with REDS. At the time, it was my first major “factory” deal in RC. It is awesome to have been apart of the REDS family for so long, but pretty cool they believed in me before I was a “pro”. I’ve achieved some of my best results with REDS powerplants, and will continue to do so going forward for 2020-21. Huge thanks to the Rossi family and Alex Pilson for the support through the years!