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6MIK have introduced the new Magma 2.0 tire for 1/8th Buggies and E-buggies. Design for hard packed, low traction tracks in mind, the Magma 2.0 tire features 3320 pins to offer a great driving precision with a gain of steering without losing rear-end stability. The new carcass is based on the Barracuda tire but Improved to insure a great precision, a limited centrifugation effect and provide better cornering ability. The pins are triangle-shaped while their size and space between each other is optimized to provide the best ground surface as well as clearance compromise. In the middle features perpendicular free space lines to assure maximum traction while the pins en the sidewalls offer more grip in corners. The X inter-pins design provides more control and traction even if if track is a bit dusty.