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LIT R/C Products have introduced a new 5mm carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X. Machined out of LIT R/C’s matte 3k twill carbon in 5mm thickness, the geometry for the rear tower is the same as the stock kit tower, but has a thicker and stronger outer profile to be more durable. The tower also has small chamfered edges to help prevent delamination. In addition, LIT R/C added more outer camber link positions with +10mm wing mounting positions to raise the stock wing mount.


  • 5mm thick 3k twill carbon fiber
  • Stock geometry with more chamber link and wing mount positions
  • Wider and stronger overall profile compared to other carbon towers
  • Chamfered leading and trailing edges
  • Lighter than stock towers
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA