Source: Atsushi Hara (Facebook)

The 2020 Vietnam Challenge was held at the L.A Racing track in Can Giuoc over the weekend. Atsushi Hara (HB Racing/O.S.Engines/VP Fuel/Performa Racing) set the overall TQ by taking 2 rounds out of 4. A.Hara took the lead from the start in the final from Aaron Stringer (Serpent/O.S.Engines/AKA) but few minutes later the rain began to fall, making the track very slippery. A.Hara made mistake allowing A.Stringer, more fast to take the lead. For safety precautions an as the rain got more intense, the race was stopped at around 20-minute. In the end A.Stringer brought home the win from Zac Ryan (HB Racing/O.S.Engines) in 2nd while Wataru Takashiro (SWORKz/REDS Racing/GQ tires) came in 3rd.