Source: Max Mört (Facebook)

Max Mört has announced his departure from JQ Racing on the social media (no, it’s not an April fool’s day). After 10 years spent with the JQ Racing guru Joseph Quagraine, it seems Max has decided to make a fresh start in RC but also in his life. To be continued!

It’s almost 2020 and next year will be a jump to something very different in my career. I’ve decided to leave JQRacing to seek for new challenges and a next step not only in my RC career but also in my life. This change is something I’ve made in the search of something new. I have to say these almost 10 years have been amazing from beginning to end. Many opportunities, journies and experiences. I would like to thank JQRacing as team and a company whoever has been part for all their support. Also I would like to thank Joseph personally for all he has done for me which I doubt I’ll ever forget and will always appreciate. – Max Mört