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T-Work’s have introduced a range of new option parts for the Tekno RC EB410.2. Machined from high-quality 64-grade titanium the shock standoffs offer a lower weight than the standard steel mounts, helping to lower the centre of gravity. The set includes four standoffs. The 64 grade titanium ball ends save some weight compared to the kit’s standard steel ball ends, the polished finish of the ball surface ensuring smooth movement over long periods of use. The titanium ball ends come in set of 16-piece. Also made from 64 grade titanium, the titanium turnbuckles help to reduce weight and durability compared to the standard steel turnbuckles. The set includes six turnbuckle and a 4mm wrench.

T-Work’s offer also more titanium parts such as a set of four king pin screws, a set of two captured rear hinge pins improving reliability, and a set of 86-piece of UFO head screws. For more bling bling, T-Work’s introduce a set of 110-piece gold-color screws. Finally, the stainless steel chassis skid protectors are available for the front and rear in set of 2-piece. Made from high-quality stainless steel material for durability, the skid plates will provide additional chassis protection in the front and rear areas.