The final round of the Mexican 1/8th Off-road Championships were held at at Vallarta RC track over the weekend. Luis Gudino (SWORKz) will take the title in the Nitro buggy and E-buggy classes. Iram Torres (Mugen Seiki) and Felipe Martinez (TLR) rounded out the podium result in Nitro buggy while Ruben Schaedler (Tekno RC) and Ricardo Fautsch (SWORKz) completed the top 3 results in E-buggy. I.Torres (Mugen Seiki) was crowned in the Nitro Truggy class from F.Martinez in 2nd and R.Fautsch in 3rd.

Nitro buggy final results:

  1. Luis Gudiño (SWORKz)
  2. Iram Torres (Mugen Seiki)
  3. Felipe Martinez (TLR)
  4. Tito Ceseña (SWORKz)
  5. Antonio Castro (Team Associated)
  6. Ricardo Fautsch (SWORKz)
  7. Daniel Ornelas (SWORKz)
  8. Luis Emilio Gudiño (SWORKz)
  9. Alex Ortega (TLR)
  10. Adrean Zavala (Mugen Seiki)

E-buggy final results:

  1. Luis Gudiño (SWORKz)
  2. Ruben Schaedler (Tekno RC)
  3. Ricardo Fautsch (SWORKz)
  4. Iram Torres (Mugen Seiki)
  5. Joerg Schaedler (Tekno RC)
  6. Alfonso Fuentes (SWORKz)
  7. Jose Alvarado (TLR)
  8. Alberto Garcia (SWORKz)
  9. Mario Sotelo (Mugen Seiki)
  10. Jesus Ornelas (Mugen Seiki)

Nitro Truggy final results:

  1. Iram Torres (Mugen Seiki)
  2. Felipe Martínez (TLR)
  3. Ricardo Fautsch (SWORKz)
  4. Antonio Castro (Team Associated)
  5. Roger Villarreal (SWORKz)
  6. Gerardo Moreno (SWORKz)
  7. Adrean Zavala (Mugen Seiki)
  8. Rodrigo Malagon (TLR)
  9. Fernando Mariscal (SWORKz)
  10. Luis Petz (HB Racing)