The second round of the Czech Masters Series was held last weekend at the Sport Arena in Prague, Czech Republic. The race saw once more over 100 entries overall and as always the race started with an open practice on Saturday morning and was straight followed by qualifying rounds and then finals. In 2WD buggy Max Götzl (XRAY/Hobbywing/EZpower) was able to top the Q1, in front of Martin Bayer (XRAY/Hobbywing/Sunpadow/Pro-Line Racing) as he made some mistakes, and Jiri Mara (SWORKz/REDS Racing) in 3rd. But in Q2 and Q3 it was M.Bayer was on the top, taking the overall TQ, in front of M.Götzl in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd. M.Bayer TQed the first round of qualifying in 4WD, M.Götzl set the TQ in Q2, so the overall TQ was about to be decided in the Q3. Unfortunately M.Götzl crashed once and didn’t go as fast as M.Bayer who took the overall TQ. Once again M.Götzl came in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd. In the Stadium Truck class M.Götzl took the TQ from Frank Hempel (Team Associated/JConcepts) and Marcel Dostal (XRAY). The 2WD finals saw very exciting battles for the win between M.Bayer and M.Götzl. M.Bayer was able to take the win in all finals but in the first two finals, M.Götzl finished only 0,2s behind him. M.Götzl came in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd overall.

The first 4WD final went to M.Bayer after very close racing, as M.Götzl finished under 1 second behind him in 2nd. A2 went different as M.Bayer had some problems with lapped drivers and crashed. M.Götzl took the lead and won the final in front of M.Bayer and J.Mara in 3rd. The A3 went similar, M.Götzl made a big mistake early on and M.Bayer opened a big gap, but later he again got into trouble with a lapped driver and crashed once again letting M.Götzl tasing the lead as the overall win. M.Bayer and J.Mara rounded out the top 3 result.

In the Stadium Truck class F.Hempel took the win in A1as M.Götzl had some problems but the XRAY racer was able to take the win in A2 and A3 easily to secure the overall victory from F.Hempel and M.Dostal in 2nd and 3rd respectively.