Italian-based RC-Project have introduced their new Limited Edition titanium clutch bell retaining screw for 1/8th Buggies, Trucks and GT cars. The screw is machined from highest quality Grade 5 6Al4V titanium to avoid thermal expansion may lead to loosening of the screw. The other advantage is that the screw can be screwed in and out without additional effort, even when the motor is still hot. The retaining screw is 9mm long of which 6mm are threaded and due to its design the screw head protrudes only 3mm which allows for greater clearance towards the fuel tank, ensuring greater security in case of excessive chassis flex. The design also eliminates any rubbing issues between the bearing and the bell bearing, reducing operation temperatures and the chance of ball bearing failures. The new design allows the use of either the 5.5mm socket head or a classic hex head. The screw is numbered comes with a one-year warranty and is available individually.