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RudeBits have been designing wings for some time and they are well known for their strength and durability as well as value cost. The R2.1 lightweight wing for 1/10th off-road vehicles has been designed for a much lower slick look with plenty wheel clearance and now is available in a lightweight form that comes in at only 16g. Extensively tested for better cornering ability and boast a straight rear edge allowing the air to force down evenly across making it very consistent over jumps. The R2.1 wing fits all EFRA/IFMAR, BRCA, ROAR and FEMCA rule requirements, and come in set of 4-piece.


  • Built in 4 deg base angle.
  • Incredibly strong and long lasting.
  • Comes in a white protective wrap.
  • As used by the UK Team and thousands of racers across the world
  • Available singularly or packs of 4
  • BRCA – ROAR – IFMAR – EFRA and FEMCA legal