See: X-Factory UK

X-Factory UK have introduced their new range of nitro fuel, the Alpha Fire Power – Pro Blend. Made exclusively for the Watford-based distributor in the UK in conjunction with Alpha Plus, the Pro blend fuel offers the Ultimate Pro Blend fuel for the most serious racers. The X-Factory UK team have gone through countless hours of testing different fuels with many different formulas until they settled on this specially formulated Synthetic/Castor oil blend. The input of their top team drivers has given them the ability to provide a fuel that is perfect for the highest level of nitro off road racing and suitable for all engine brands/types.

The Alpha Fire Power – Pro blend racing fuel is formulated for maximum acceleration, huge power, cooler running, extended runtime and easier tuning compared to most other racing fuel brands. Experienced racers and newcomers alike will find the Alpha Fire Power fuel to be extremely efficient with up to 10-15% extra run time compared to other racing fuel brands giving you the ultimate edge and advantage for those longer gaps between pit stops.


  • Cooler Running Temperatures
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Ultimate lubrication
  • Improved throttle response
  • Extends engine lifespan
  • Pro-Level performance

Also new from X-Factory UK is their Alpha “Protektor” after-run oil. Intented to be put into your engine after each race or practice day of use, it will give an additional corrosion Protektion 😉 X-Factory UK advise to add 10-15 drops down the glow plug opening and the same down the air filter opening in the carburettor for maximum protection. It also makes a superb general purpose lubricating oil and is supplied in a spouted container.