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AVID have introduced new ball bearing kits for the XRAY XB2C and XB2D 2020. The bearings are the same chosen by IFMAR World Champion Ty Tessmann in all his XRAY vehicles. Available now in the Aura Ceramic line (for the fiercest of racers looking for every ounce of performance), the FlexKit software where you can build up a kit to your preferences. If you are looking for more performance at half the cost of the Aura Ceramic line, AVID suggest selecting the Aura Revolutions in the FlexKit software. They are steel ball instead of ceramic but still oiled and you can remove the rubber seal for maximum performance. AVID are also preparing to move the Aura Ceramics into the FlexKit software once they move all of the line to Metal shields. Currently AVID have Metal, Single Metal, and Open and it would just be too many options to have all of those available in the FlexKit software.