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Klinik RC have introduced a new wireless transmitter battery charger system designed for popular radios such as the Sanwa M17, the Ko Propo Esprit IV and Futaba using 2s LiPo battery. The set consist of a charging station, a powerful transmitter battery pack and wireless receiver unit with micro chip processors for safe, reliable and true balance charging. Measuring less than 1mm thick over most of the surface, the compact charging coil ensures it will fit very easily inside any battery compartment. The plug and play device features a usb charge port, featured on most chargers and power supplies and a standard JST-XH balance plug for 2S LiPo battery.


  • Wireless charger.
  • Safe charge rate and cut off.
  • Fits most common brands and models of transmitters.
  • Also compatible with wireless capable phones iPhone, Samsung, etc
  • Load indication with LED light.

Suitable for:


  • M17
  • M12, M12s, M12rs
  • M11x
  • Exzes ZZ
  • MT-4 MT-4s
  • MT-S
  • Mt-44 (With Sanwa 107A10981A LiPo)
  • SD10GS
  • Aquila

Ko Propo:

  • Esprit IV (with 2S LiPo)
  • EX-RR (with KO 10546 battery stand unit)


  • Transmitters using 2S LiPo