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AVID have introduced a new line of clutch bearings. These clutch bearings are designed to withstand all of the torture you throw at them. AVID decided to stop trying to find a happy medium of a single bearing to cover both clutches and wheels. Clutch temperatures easily reach three (3) times more than that of a wheel bearing. In order to make this bearing more suitable for high temps and insane loads, we took several measures. First, AVID enlarged the balls 20% from their standard $1 bearing. Second, AVID increased the depth of their race grooves so that there is a massive increase in the surface area for the larger balls. Third, AVID polished those grooves for a smoother surface that ensures the balls have the least amount of friction when experiencing those high loads. Lastly, they removed the metal ribbon cage and put in a nylon cage just like their Aura and engine bearings which are 9-time IFMAR World Champions. This removes the metal to metal drag during high heat expansion.


  • Specifically designed for use in clutches to withstand the high heat and loads.
  • Balls are 20% larger than our standard bearing line and when combined with the deeper grooves in the races, you get a ton more surface area to distribute the load.
  • Grooves are made from 52100 and polished to a higher level of smoothness to keep friction down when at higher loads.
  • Cages are made from nylon instead of steel so that during high heat expansion situations there is no chance of metal to metal rubbing which results in less drag, and better strength.