The third and final round of Indonesia 1/8th Buggy Nationals was held last weekend at C-Netic RC track in Surabaya, East Java. A total of 46 drivers attended this event from Jakarta, Medan, Padang, Batam, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Makasar and local drivers. The race was held in 6 rounds of 10-minute qualifying where the 4 best counted. The main final started from ¼ final. After 6 qualifying rounds it was Jason Nugroho (HB Racing/Ninja Engines) who set the overall TQ. Unfortunately in the final J.Nugroho would not be able to convert the TQ spot into a win because of two flame–outs due to flywheel problems but he managed to secure the second spot. Adrian Wicaksono (Mugen Seiki/Ninja Engines) brought home the win while Rama Tribudiman (Kyosho/O.S.Engines) came in third.

Final results:

  1. Adrian Wicaksono Mugen/Ninja
  2. Jason Nugroho (TQ) HB/Ninja
  3. Rama Tribudiman Kyosho/OS
  4. Reza Rakasiwi HB/Performa
  5. Ray Timothy Kyosho/OS
  6. Kenji Liono Xray/OS
  7. Hariadi Lie Kyosho/OS
  8. Ery Setiawan Kyosho/OS
  9. John Agus Kyosho/OS
  10. Rama Danindro Kyosho/OS
  11. Andre Irawan Mugen/OS
  12. Asang Ho Mugen/Ninja
  13. Indra L Mugen/OS
  14. Ivan Budiman HB/Performa
  15. Rizky Pradana Mugen/Ninja

The Indonesia RC Association (ARMI) awarded the top 10 overall positions at the Indonesia 1/8th Buggy Nationals and A.Wicaksono took the title followed by J.Nugroho and Ray Timothy (Kyosho/O.S.Engines).

Overall top 10 results:

  1. Adrian Wicaksono
  2. Jason Nugroho
  3. Ray Timothy
  4. John Agus
  5. Arian Sutandar
  6. Rizky Pradana
  7. Asang Ho
  8. Rama Danindro
  9. Asdy Narang
  10. Menk Chua

Thanks to Michael Nugroho for the report.