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Serpent have introduced the new Spyder SRX-2 Gen3 2wd buggy. The Spyder SRX-2 Gen3 has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The customers, racers, and fan favorite trolls have shared their glories, opinions, and pains about the previous SRX-2’s. Serpent were open minded and willing to meet every expectation to push the boundaries of their product and the 1/10 2wd market. The new SRX-2 needed to be slimmer, stylish, tougher, easier to work on, and above all else Faster. With over 85% of the parts being new, all the while, still being able to use most all previous SRX-2 parts, this car is an absolute masterpiece of construction. You can build it to any configuration you wish, new and/or old.

Main features:

  • Chassis:

The foundation or in this case the chassis, is always the driving force in what sort of performance you can extract from your race car. With the interest of stiffening the front to back flex of the chassis, mostly in the center, we opted for a chassis with bent sides over our previous flat chassis. The life of the vehicle as well as how flat the chassis will stay over long periods of time is greatly enhanced. We also took our original front end design, accepted its weakness, and then pushed the envelope even further by developing a multi bend chassis. This increases ground clearance, while decreases the loss of forward momentum. It also keeps you from playing Lawn Darts off any pesky jumps your local track can throw at you. Talking about pesky jumps, the wooden kind, those ones you find on so many carpet/turf tracks around the world. Finding the invisible speed is only for the master magicians. Thankfully, we have one in house working diligently day and night, on and off the race track, to enhance your racing experience.

  • Optional Chassis with weights:

With no other reason than to dominate every surface, we created an optional chassis with adjustable weight plates. The rear 14 gram weights will also fit the standard chassis; however this new optional chassis has an additional 4 choices when it comes to positioning weight. The Servo weight comes in an 8 gram aluminum weight as well as a 24 gram brass weight. The electronics weight comes in a 15 gram aluminum weight as well as a 45 gram brass weight. Whether you race dirt, carpet or astro turf you can full adjust your weight distribution and push your setup to the master level.
Updated side pods and separated bulkhead supports:
The side pods have been completely re-designed, in which it differs from the way we have done it in the past. The side pod itself is now separate from the front upper deck supports. This will allow us to make optional aluminum supports in the future, changing the flex characteristics of the front end. Also on the front supports we added the body mounts, and then coupled that with the rear mounts, no matter who mounts your body for you, it will always sit flat, front to rear and be properly positioned. Whether you use the body clips or not, the pegs can be used to ensure that the body will always have proper alignment. Aside from the above mentioned design changes, the overall cars width has been reduced. This reduction in width enhances flight/articulation over jumps as well as reduces chassis roll.

  • Carbon fiber chassis stiffeners/multi-flex:

Based on our customer feedback for a car that can do it all in any condition. One area that needed to be adjustable was the flex in the chassis. We came up with a super stylish, yet ridiculously functional way to achieve this goal. Besides who doesn’t love the stunning appearance of a great looking weave, of course we are talking about carbon fiber here. The small panels are 2mm thick and bolt directly onto the side pods. If you’re a fan of a super stiff chassis, we are certain this will satisfy your needs. These side panels will be sold separately and can be found in our “Optional” section on the web site.