Source: Sofian Husin (Facebook)

The fourth round of the Malaysia National League was held at the Putrajaya Off-road RC track over the weekend. In the Pro Nitro Buggy class it was Jade Lim (Team Associated/Bullitt Engines/AKA) who set the TQ and took the win from Mizan Hobby (Serpent/Argus Engines/TPro) in second and George Coleman (Kyosho/REDS Racing/AKA) in third. Mohd Taqiyuddin Amin (Kyosho/Maxima Engines/pro-Line) and Abd Muhaimin Omar (XRAY/REDS Racing) rounded out the top 5.

In the Semi Pro Nitro Buggy class, Faris Faisal (Mugen Seiki/Maxima Engines) took the TQ and win from Derek Chu (Team Associated/AKA) in 2nd, YC Chong (Mugen Seiki) in 3rd, Famie Leeman (Kyosho/Maxima Engines) in 4th and Mohamad Ridzuan Mohd Saim (XRAY/FX Engines) in 5th.

In the Amateur Nitro Buggy class it was Melvinder Singh (Mugen Seiki/REDS Racing) who set the TQ but he would not be able to convert the TQ spot into a win as Kayden (Team Associated) took the win from Shane (SWORKz/Maxima Engines) in second and M.Singh in third while Ali and Shahrul Adzim (XRAY/FX Engines) completed the top 5 result.