The eighth and final round of the Slovakian 1/10th buggy Championships was held in Bratislava over the weekend in wet weather conditions. In the 4wd class, Lacko Toth (XRAY) took the overall TQ in 3 out of 4 qualifying rounds. Unfortunately the rain made it impossible to run the finals, meaning the overall results would be based on the qualifying results, handing L.Toth the win from the XRAY duo of Peter Tauber in second and Milos Svihran in third.

In the 2wd class it was Michal Nagy (XRAY) with the win in front of M.Svihran and P.Tauber in second and third respectively.

L.Toth took the title in the 4wd class with Adam Urban (XRAY) on the runner-up spot and M.Svihran in third.

A.Urban was crowned 2wd Champion. M.Nagy and M.Svihran rounded out the top 3 result.