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After six total races the 5th Scale MOD – TLR Championship Series have crowned their first ever Champions of 2019. The series was held in six separate tracks across the West Coast (Socal Nitro Raceway, Fear Farm, Delta RC, Good Ol Boys, CVR 2.0, & Wild West Raceway) in order to not only spread the awareness of 5th scale but also draw in racers from all the regions to be able to experience different conditions, different layouts, and different challenges. MOD’s Matt Olson made a feedback on the top 3 in each class:

Pro 4wd Buggy: 

  1. David John Orner: Or … DJ … as I call him (he hates that). Coming in with the swiftness from never driving a 5th Scale to Champion of the Pro buggy class all in 1 season! Though he was equiped with the best of the Best MOD Matt Olsons very own Mona 5B (Multiple Championships) He was able to pilot her to some top podiums with the best nipping at his bumper. Always a comptitor, always a character, and forever a friend. Awesome job buddy natural talent, a little luck, and the heart of a true champion clinched it for you.
  2. Chris Higa: Mr. 5th Scale Horizon Hobby Himself – We are fortuante to have our very own Project manager in our corner for 5th Scale as hes able to see whats happening at the ground level and able to help Matt as well as advise Horizon what we need and how the communities doing. Chris has always been a fast driver and a nicer guy. Hes sometimes call the Panda, sometimes called a champion, and somtimes called a rival. Hes fast and its great to have him mixing it up on the track with us at the events. Thank you for your friendship and support Chris.
  3. Josh Alton: Owner of ADI and all around great guy, he can machine parts, can wheel a car with the best of us, and also helps the community grow from every angle. Hes one of the good ones and can’t thank him and ADI enough for their support of the MOD series. Great job my friend and awesome finish you came out of no where to grab that third! Double Points are your friend.

Pro 4wd Truck:

  1. Matthew Olson: I can’t write much about myself other then blessed to be able to bring this series to light and being able to compete is a blessing. Thank you everyone
  2. Brent The Savage – Brent Bisbee: This guy goes back to the beginning of when Matt Olson was a weeee Tot and in charge of the Red Cup Society. Always fast, always a fierce competitor and always a good time racing with this cat. He represents his sponsors to the max and though hes not only a husband and a Father hes a great friend and supporter of the series thank you for the support my friend.
  3. The Art Guy – Jason Scheerer: For those that see the Tent, Banners, Trophies Ext … ya Jason did those. He is our art layout guy and can also wheel a mean rc car! Thank you for all your support my friend and great job on your championship.

Expert 4wd Buggy:

  1. Jacob Alton: A legend amound Legends like his brother and ADI owner Josh Alton. He is deadly fast and it shows at every event as you can see him on the podium. One of the OGs hes uses his skills to top the competition and proof is in the pudding. Hes looking to move to Pro Next year and we think its a step in the right direction. Awesome job buddy!
  2. Ed Turney: One of the nicest guys you’ll meet off the track and one of the toughest competitors you’ll meet on the track. Ed is the owner of Good Ol Boys Raceway and the practice hes been able to put in is paying off in spades. He almost snag the championship from Jake but got beat 1 point. Look for him to be capturing many a wins in the future as he is killing it lately.
  3. Dan Silagy: 4wd is quite new for Dan, hes been progressing at every event and putting in a ton of time in his 4wd program and it shows! Always a threat at every event and going fast. Dan also ran our all new Pistons for the stock shocks and we can say they are OBR Dan approved. Great job on the podium finish my friend.

Expert 4wd Truck:

  1. Pro driver Old Man Fast – Mike Duncan: One of the Fieriest Competitors you will meet, one of the grumpiest old dudes you will ever meet , one of the fastest guys on the track, one of the most brutally honest individuals you will meet. Whatever it is Mike is Mike and we love him for it! Helping MOD out on more then one occasion in real life he is a awesome guy and fast as hell. He never game up to get this win and though he has a rough time he has a heart of a champion and pushed through to get this awesome win! Great job Old Man love ya. Welcome to The Pro Class Old MAN!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH
  2. Ed Turney: Im tellin you this guy is quick, 2 podiums in 2 classes and both 2nds! Ed is on his game and looking for a championship. We think its in the cards and Im sure he knows it! Great job buddy and keep killing the game my friend. See you trackside.
  3. Darwin Miranda: From wanting to be in beginner to mashing the competition for the last 4 races this guy is a huge teddy bear that we love to joke with. Hes super fast on the track and an awesome guy off the track. He had a little bad luck on the last race but he was your points leader going into it with Mike. He is one of the forces Delta RC Hobbies & Race Park and looking to bring more 5th scale to this region we can only hope that him and his fast Road Dog and Movie Magician Charles Pangelinan can make it happen! Great job buddy and way to keep a solid program going. Love ya man and see you soon. – avec Brian Schapiro.

2wd Open:

  1. The Scientist Jake McGarvey: Always coming up with the secret formula Jake ran quite flawlessly all year. Well deserved 1st place and thank you for the support my friend.
  2. The OBR Motor Guru – Dan Silagy: Improving every race and always looking for that edge, truely passionate about RC and what he does and it shows. Great job on the improvement my friend.
  3. The Racer – Brian Schapiro: Looking to further his racing knowledge and skills at every event truely a hobbiest, truely a competitor and truely a friend. He has come far since his Baja Days and only getting better. Thank you for the friendship and continued support. Enjoy your championship.

Sportsman 4wd  Buggy:

  1. John Ingold: With the heart of a Champion and also the will to be the best John makes it a point to not only have the best but be the best at what he does. Whether its full size or 1/5 scale John is competitor to the end and his dedication for every round and perserverance got him the overall championship great job my friend.
  2. Brandon Lopez: Probably one of the most dedicated hobbiests I’ve seen from knowing this guy from his 46CC Losi Super Rovan Days to his MCD Hauling the Mail days Brandon is a true testimate to our sport and what he embodies is having a good time and wanting to learn. As he progresses through each event I see more and more promise and his skills got him to where he is. Look for Top Spots next year!
  3. Mr. Cary Wright: Silent But Deadly in a good way hahaha – he is crazy fast has the best equipment backing him up as well as good friends surrounding him like that of his Road Dog Frank Lagomarsino. He always has a smile and looking to have a good time racing his RC. Awesome job on your podium my friend.

Sportsman Truck:

  1. John Ingold: Like we said before true champion. This guy clinched both the truck and buggy classes! Consistancy paid off and being at the top gets ya the gold. Look for this guy in the Expert Class next season! He will be a force.
  2. Shannon Lee Kenyon: Nicest guy you will meet and one hell of a competitor. Shannon is new to RC and he is in it for the long haul. Being probably the furthest North Driver we Have Shannon makes sure to get to all the races an helps out any way he can. Always looking for that edge and making the necessary changes to be the best. Look for him on the radar next year hes coming for your podium spot!!!
  3. Rick Hukill: This guy is like a ghost, you wouldn’t expect him to be there but damn is he on top and fast! Practicing at Good Ol Boys Raceway with his grand son he has been making a solid effort to be up top and its showing. Great job Rick, I don’t think your grand son stands a chance and with rest of the competition is always on watch.


  1. Austin Barker Shay-Melissa Barker: Has come a long way in a short while, great pace and patience with this one, look for him in Sportman buggy Next Year!
  2. Mitch Mitchell: Came out of no where and dude improved tremendously from his first race at Delta RC! Definitely has skill and would have won the final round and championship but drivetrain failure cost him. See him in the Sportsman or Expert Truck Class in 2020!
  3. Mr. Terry John Ingold: He doesn’t say much but out on the track, with a solid Father Son Program at his feet he was able to keep pushing forward thoughout the entire seris and grab himself a solid podium spot. You will see him Beginner or Sportman Truck Next year!