See: HB Racing

HB Racing have introduced new long wheelbase parts to upgrade the E817 and E817V2 as well as 0.8 module vented clutch bells for the D819. Featuring the same wheelbase as the E819, the new chassis is 2mm longer than the stock E817 chassis for improved handing and jumping. The new chassis is precision machined from aluminum for a perfect fit, and hard anodized black for durability and wear. The E819 36mm rear center dogbone must be used when using the long wheelbase chassis.

Also new are the 0.8 module vented clutch bells. The vented design helps cool the clutch for more reliability during long races. HB Racing 0.8 gears have a finer gear pitch for smoother and quieter gear mesh, finer gear ratio adjustment, and improved drivetrain efficiency. The clutch bells are precision machined from high strength steel and designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement part for non-vented 0.8 clutch bells. They are available in in 16 and 17 teeth.