Source: Team Losi Racing(Facebook)

Following the 2WD portion at the 2019 IFMAR 1/10th Off-road World Championships, Team Losi Racing have posted on social media their 4WD team drivers with the statement:

4wd check-in starts tomorrow with another round of tires to glue up for practice the following day! New body for the 4wd👀🤔

We noticed that it was not only the body that had been changed on the 22-4 2.0. A few hours later, TLR released:

Good night from Slovakia! Something to dream about😁

Platform 22-4 seems to have found its successor. The most pessimistic will talk about a more or less big upgrade of the 22-4 2.0 but the rumors have been suggesting for some time a change of drivetrain, from the belt drivetrain to the shaft-driven, which would involve modifications of a significant enough to make it a new platform. More details may be revealed during the Worlds, but it seems more likely that they will not be released until later.