Fifth round of the Canadian Western Offroad Racing Series was held this past weekend. In 4WD Buggy, Paul Parks (XRAY) was able to sweep all three rounds of qualifying to secure TQ. A1 started out with a 4 way battle for the lead. After the 2 minute mark P.Parks was able to stretch a 2 second lead and secure the win. For A2 he made a couple of changes which proved very good. The race started out much the same as A1, P.Parks put his head down and started putting in consistent quick laps he was able to win A2 and secure the overall win. Jeff Cohen (HB Racing) in 2nd and Jason Tellstone in 3rd completed the top 3.

In 2wd the XB2 , after there close rounds of qualifying between Mark Hughes (Team Associated) and P.Parks, M.Hughes took the overall TQ. The finals were also very close and saw three different winners in each Main. Finally it was Navaj Walji (Kyosho) with the win followed by M.Hughes and P.Parks in second and third respectively.