This past weekend the unofficial Swedish Championship Series 2019 for Large Sale Off-Road cars was held in Sandhem. The Series was held in five rounds where the best 4 results counted for the overall. New for this year was that every heat in a race counted for points. This introduced more pressure and got rid of meaningless qualifiers. This was appreciated both by drivers and public as there was a battle for points every time the cars were on the track. The Series introduced two new tracks, including one in astro which was a first for Sweden. The five different events were in Nynäshamn, Norrköping, Slottsbron, Valdemarsvik and Sandhem. They all offered different surfaces and layouts which challenged the drivers for setup and driving techniques. The Series was very close up until the last race. The interest for Large Scale racing is on the rise in Sweden and both event coordinators and the drivers have been improving the last couple of years. The final was held as usual at the classic Sandhem track. This year it had a complete new layout. The lower parts was very technical with many corners. In the end of the day the track was very bumpy and really pushed the drivers to tackle the track and find the best lines. After the five rounds it was Conny Svensson who took the title in the 4wd class from Emanuel Ergul in second and Malcolm Wigren in third. In 2wd, Fredrik Flodqvist was crowned Champion. Pjerre Gustavsson and Patrik Runsteen rounded out the top 3.

Thanks to Conny Svensson for the report.