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Muchmore have introduced the new Fleta ZX8 Evolution brushless motor for 1/8 vehicles. The Fleta ZX8 Evolution features the Flow-Max Ver.II aluminum cooling body designed for extreme cooling even in extreme motor conditions, bearing with a super low-friction steel inner shield on the side maximum protection against the elements while optimizing the drive train efficiency compared to all-metal shielded ball races, a 4-pole-8-magnet “staggered-pole” rotor providing a low cogging effect and a very low torque pulse, dual-plug sensor connector holes allowing to change the sensor position according to car layout. Also new is the new Hall sensing system, designed to be error-free and ensures reliable operation in the user’s full sensor mode. The ultra-precision encoder sends a clean signal at all times and protects the Hall sensing system by excluding interference from other signals. The Fleta ZX8 Evolution 1/8 brushless motor is available in 1900kV, 2200kV, 2600kV and 3200kV.