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Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new Strife body for the HB Racing D817T. Whether your running the truck straight form the kit or using HB’s up graded front shock tower, this body is a drop fit that works for both the nitro and electric versions. LFR has included better front shock tower clearance for less wear and better flex. The Strife body has straight clean lines giving it an aggressive look while keeping traditional truck styling. Whether your having fun with friends or hitting the track for some serious laps, the Strife truck body is made from durable polycarbonate to bring loner lasting looks to your body and paint schemes. Each Strife body comes in clear, ready for paint. Window masks, front grill, headlight and LFR sticker’s provided. Available now.


  • Fits both nitro and electric versions
  • Better front tower clearance and flex
  • Durable polycarbonate for longevity
  • Window masks and stickers provided