The Norwegian National Championships were hosted by Racingland SAS in Sandefjord over the weekend. Despite horrible weather forecast, the club crew made an amazing job and it was special since the club has been there for 33 years, and this race was the last race to be at that place. It was decided to shorten down both classes to 3 qualies instead of 5, no semi practices and tighter program and to run the whole event on Sunday. It´s a nice feeling to be at races that all drivers and crew work together. The race was also special since it was time to give out the highest reward it´s possible to win in Norway, no matter what sport you do, “The Kings Trophy” and with the weather, and track conditions, it was more open and a lot of things can happen. But XRAY Factory driver Daniel Kobbevik, took charge from first qualifier in both classes and TQ’d both 1/8 Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. In the Nitro Buggy class Rune Karlsen won the semi-B and was going to line up second for the A-main. Daniel won the Semi-A, and would start from pole.

The main started with D.Kobbevik pulling away slowly from start, and building up a bigger and bigger gap. R.Karlsen was going steady second, but was caught up in the fight with Vincent Ruger (XRAY) and Danny Kwiatkowski (Kyosho). But the last 10 minutes it was a crazy fight between V.Ruger and D.Kwiatkowski. They changed positions several times and it was really good entertainment. And how they handled the situation with D.Kobbevik catching them and they had to let him go was amazing to watch. In the end Daniel had a solid lead and won with 3 laps. V.Ruger managed to take second and D.Kwiatkowski came third. V.Ruger is a 15 year old youngster that is one of the biggest talents in Norway, and getting faster and faster and more and more stable in his driving so future is looking good.

In the E-buggy class it was same three drivers that ended on podium. D.Kobbevik had TQ, V.Ruger starting from second and Torbjorn Doler starting third. After two finals D.Kobbevik already had the win in the books, so third final was going to give the rest of podium. D.Kwiatkowski and V.Ruger had one second and third each, it was a close fight, but V.Ruger won A3 and secured second on podium.