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HB Racing and Neidhart SA have announced the return of multi-time World Champion Atsushi Hara to their team. A.Hara will not only use the off-road and on-road range of HB Racing vehicles but he will also be involved in the development of new vehicles such as the forthcoming Touring Car and electronics for the brands HB Racing, Team Orion and Performa Racing. The famous employee of the Neidhart company will also take over the position as Sales Manager for Asia. As such, he will be responsible for the sale of all Neidhart brands in the Asian market. Interested dealers and distributors can reach Hara at the following address: Here is a short interview of A.Hara:

Neidhart SA: Atsushi, we are very excited to welcome you back to the HB Racing Team and the Neidhart SA staff. You have a long racing and development history, including your IFMAR World Championship win in 1/8 Off-Road with HB Racing, and another win in 1/10 Touring back in 2000. We’re excited to have your talent and experience on the Team. What will be your job at the Swiss company?

Atsushi Hara: Thank you very much! I am so happy to be back working with HB Racing and the Neidhart family again. My main position will be on the business side doing sales, product development, and promotion to create a bigger market in Asia for the HB Racing/Performa/Orion brands. I will also to compete in some big races and local races.

Neidhart SA: Will you also develop cars? If yes, is there a first project in the pipeline?

Atsushi Hara: Yes, I will help develop the cars. My first project will probably be the next generation of the PRO5 touring car.

Neidhart SA: Which cars are you going to race with and which electronics are you going to use?

Atsushi Hara: I will race the D819, D819E, D817T, D817E, RGT8, RGT8E, PRO5 (It’s gonna be a new name). If i have enough time I want to race the D418 and D216 1/10 Buggy as well. I’m gonna use Performa/Orion motor, speedo, and batteries.

Neidhart SA: What is the first race you’re going to attend with the new equipment?

Atsushi Hara: Probably the RCGP race in Italy this August. I’m gonna join big or local races as much as possible.

Neidhart SA: What are your next goals, in job, in racing, in life?

Atsushi Hara: My goal is to promote the Neidhart SA line of products and help the future of the RC industry, thinking deeply about how we can attract new customers, new kinds of cars, new kinds of events. For racing, I want to win one more World Championship!! (laughing) For life, I want to have my own family! I am going to be 40 soon, so it’s time have my “Family home” +1.

Neidhart SA: Is there anything more you would like to say?

Atsushi Hara: I would like to say thanks so much to Mr. Philippe Neidhart, Oscar Jansen and Adrien Bertin for giving me this great opportunity. Also, I am very happy to come back to HB Racing as my “Home.” When I left HB Racing in 2013, I didn’t think I could come back. But now I am back with the Neidhart SA family so I have big motivation, and I’m looking forward to the future of our RC industry.