See: 5150 Media Productions

Cory Drachenberg from 5150 Media Productions in collaboration with Pro-Line Racing have posted another ‘Come Drive with Us’ series, this time from the 2018 1/8 Worlds in Perth, Australia. Every year, IFMAR hosts a world championship race in one of the 4 blocks that make up the sanctioning body. For the 2018 worlds the “who’s who” of the R/C World were in Perth for the 1/8 Nitro World Championships.

The facility was nothing short of amazing; the track, with it’s high speed and massive jumps, was equally impressive. This would be Australia’s first 1/8 worlds; how would this event compare to other championship races held over the past few years? Karting; Joes vs. Pros; watergate 2.0; rumors of gyros; Drivers getting fired; Coors; a last chance saloon; this worlds had it all!

Mike Garrison is back as the voice of the series as is their usual cast of characters including Ty Tessmann, Joe Bornhorst, Elliott Boots, Adam Drake, Bruno Coelho, Adam Drake, CJ Jelin, Ryan Maifield. 5150 Media Productions also welcomed some new faces to the series, so be sure to watch this amazing episode!