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Performa Racing have introduced the new Radical 540 Qualified Stock motors for 1/10 vehicles. The Radical Brushless Stock motors have set new benchmarks in electric motor performance and have quickly become the motor to beat for high-level Spec racing competition. Spec class drivers can now take advantage of technology from the World Championship-winning Performa Racing development team. The all-new Performa Radical Stock motors deliver improved throttle response, higher efficiency, and more speed. These new motors are a clear improvement in the Stock racing classes. The Racing Radical 540 Qualified Stock motors are available in 10.5T to 21.5T winding versions.

Standard Features:

  • Performa Radical Housing – Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • Factory balanced 12.50mm sintered rotor
  • Radical Sensor System – Fully adjustable and replaceable
  • Proprietary Radical Stack – Packed stack for higher power and efficiency
  • Light weight and strong design
  • Oversized precision Ball Bearings for maximum durability and higher RPM
  • Low resistance – Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power
  • Developed in USA for Stock Racing
  • Motors available for each Spec Class

Qualified Features:

  • Custom built and hand assembled
  • Every Qualified motor comes with a complete Dyno test and a print-out after running the motor on the Motolyser
  • Performa Racing tests and selects the best Stock motors for the “Qualified” series, example: Asymmetry in brushless motors ranges from 0 to 30+. Qualified motors will have Asymmetry no
  • higher than 4,
  • so you never see a rotor higher than a 4 in the “Qualified” series
  • Rotor shimmed for alignment
  • Sensor Board adjustment and timing set