Source: Jessica Pålsson RC (Facebook)

In a statement on her Facebook page, Jessica Pålsson announced her departure from long-time sponsors Kyosho. The partnership between Jessica and Kyosho had started 7 years ago at the 2012 Kyosho Masters in France. Thanks to Aki-san, former President of Kyosho and then Kyosho Germany and Kyosho Sweden, Jessica has been able to show her talent in her homeland but also throughout the world during major events. The lack of feeling with the MP10 and a change in the team spirit would be the main reasons for Jessica’s departure. Jessica had the following to say: 

“In June 2012 at Kyosho Masters in France, I met one of the most important people in my RC live, Aki-san. He was not only President of Kyosho at this time, but above all very friendly and so nice person. My trip with Kyosho started, dream came true. One year later 2013 we met again in France, and my father and I were invited by Kyosho to Japan, one of my finest trips I will never forget. Aki-san thank you very much that I got the chance to run for your Kyosho International Team, thank you for all those amazing years, thank you so much for believing in me and giving me such fantastic RC support and start! Appreciate and will never forget! Mitsuo-san thank you very much for amazing help and support you gave me during these years. Always so kind and helpful! One of the best Team bosses! Kyosho Sweden and Kyosho Germany (who unfortunately do not exist today) thank you very much for help me a lot from the beginning, before I got sponsorship from Kyosho Japan. Thank you very much to Kyosho who supported me for the past 7 years.

Good luck to All Kyosho drivers around the world. Hope to meet you at many races! Kyosho`s and my collaboration have ended on thursday when I was on my way to Italy. To me it was formality, as early as 2018, thoughts came to my mind about to leave Kyosho. When Aki-san has left Kyosho, all felt empty, the Kyosho spirit which one was so special so many years just disappeared. This year, a new chassi came, which we tested for the first time in February in the USA, and then at home, more I drove new chassie, the worse it went, simply: new chassie doesn`t work for me. We all are different and for many drivers the new chassie works fine, for me unfortunately not, I´m sorry! In June at the VaterTag Race I used my chassi efrom 2018 and it was fun to drive again!

After this I agreed with my parents to change cars, first 1:10, I wanted to start winter season with new chassie and in september after last race change 1:8 cars. Last week, I got the question once again if I can think to continue with 1:10, but I feel that to develop me, to continue with RC in the future I need new chassie, new Team, need something new to get back sparkle and joy. My RC dreams are still there. I will work hard and focus on 1:10 and 1: 8 buggy the next years, my 1:8 OnRoad plans must wait, it will be only for fun, practice, right now can be too much. I want to do good job for ALL my sponsors, when I go from races I want to feel that I gave 101%, even if I win or not. My 1:10 cars are already home, came wednesday afternoon and they look amazing 😍 1:8 buggy… I will test different cars and choose which one works best for me, but until then I am going to drive with my chassie from 2018. Today ends one chapter in my life, tomorrow starts a new one.”