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VSR Products have introduced a new universal wireless charging system for RC called Thor. Project Thor was developed over weeks of experimenting and testing, the charging system is built around an universal base that can charge anything that is wirelessly compatible, even phones. For the meantime Thor is only suitable for Sanwa M12/S/RS, M17, MT44 and Futaba 7PX but VSR Products offer to manufacture a base for any other radio by giving the measurements they need to get your radio set up with wireless charging. Thor features LEDs that light up the sides of the dock will always be on.

The LEDs on the front of the base will illuminate when it is charging something (whether its a phone, or your radio), and then they will shut off. Lights can be customized and the 4 basic colors can be chosen, along with any other color you wish on the RGB spectrum. The supplied battery pack will last for about 9 hours of on time, if the pack completely dies, it will take about 3.5 hours to fully charge. It is important to keep your radio on the charging dock at least once a day. VSR Products recommend simply leaving the radio on the dock after every run. If you do this, you will never have to worry about charging your radio’s battery ever again.