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JC Racing Products have introduced a liner removal tool designed to simplify removal of liners from .21 nitro engines. The tool is 3D printed in a high quality fiber impregnated nylon giving it excellent mechanical strength and durability. It features an outer tube which has a diameter of 15.80 mm with a sprung latch which locates in the exhaust port when offered into the liner, you then insert a 2nd plunger down the center of the outer tube to positively hold the latch in a closed position, this helps with removal of liners which can become tight over time compared to when the engine is new from oil residue. Once the liner is removed the center plunger can either be push out or levered carefully with a flat screwdriver. You then rotate the outer diameter which has radius-ed edges which pushes the latch into the bore and allows you to pull the tool clear or if preferred push the latch in with your finger and pull to remove. The tool has been tested on bores from 16.20 – 16.50 and will remove liners which are smaller or greater than these sizes.