Source: Alexander Landén (Facebook)

The Swedish 1/10 Buggy championship was held during the week of motorsport in Karlskoga. The two clubs Bofors MRK and Örebro RBC both put a lot of effort into making this happen with a setup of a temporary grass track and a nice big tent to pit in for all the participants. The track was challenging and offered a lot of surprises from the bumpiness that had developed from the running of the 2wd event as well.

In the 4WD class it was Alexander Landén (XRAY) who set the overall TQ by winning two rounds of qualifying from Wilhelm Skjöldebrand (Team Associated) and Martin Johansson Nielsén (XRAY). The first final saw A.Landén and W.Skjöldebrand move away from the rest of the field quite quickly and then the crowd was treated to a very close race where the two drivers were completely neck and neck the whole race. A.Landén however didn’t put a wheel wrong the whole run and won A1. In A2 it started out in the same way until the third lap where W.Skjöldebrand made a small error and A.Landén was set free and could really stretch his race legs. He produced a really flawless drive and managed to set the lap record of the day in the end of the final on a deteriorating track, so he really had found a good way to negotiate all the holes and bumps in the track. A.Landén secured a grand slam of TQ, fastest lap, best junior driver (under 16), and overall champion. In the last final, Axel Birgersson (Yokomo) made a great recovery to secure a third place finished just edging out MJ.Nielsèn.

4WD Buggy final results:

  1. Alexander Landén, XRAY
  2. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand, Team Associated
  3. Axel Birgersson, Yokomo
  4. Martin Johansson Nielsèn, XRAY
  5. Rasmus Karlsson, TLR
  6. Mikael Svensson, Team Associated
  7. Frank Holmgren, XRAY
  8. Markus Andreasson, XRAY
  9. Morgan Larsson, XRAY
  10. Christer Carlsson, Schumacher

In 2WD it was again a battle between A.Landén and W.Skjöldebrand. A.Landén took TQ in the first round, but then W.Skjöldebrand secured the final three rounds. In A1 A.Landén had really good speed and went for a passing attempt up the inside in the turn going out on the straight. However there wasn’t enough room, so Alexander touched the pipe and spun, letting half of the field by. He then had to use his speed to re-gain the positions lost and by the end of the final was within a second of Wilhelm, but not close enough to mount an attack.In A2 W.Skjöldebrand and A.Landén got away again, A.Landén was chasing hard until the third lap where he touched a pipe and needed marshaling, so again a fight back to second spot, handing the overall win to W.Skjöldebrand. In A3 A.Landén needed to go out and secure second overall, and did so with a safe drive to keep Axel Birgersson (Yokomo) at bay. W.Skjöldebrand took the victory from A.Landén in second and A.Birgersson in third.

2WD Buggy final results:

  1. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand, Team Associated
  2. Alexander Landén, XRAY
  3. Axel Birgersson, Yokomo
  4. Markus Andreasson, XRAY
  5. Lars Hägerman, TeamC
  6. Rasmus Karlsson, Schumacher
  7. Martin Johansson Nielsèn, XRAY
  8. Morgan Larsson, XRAY
  9. Frank Holmgren, XRAY
  10. Mikael Svensson, Team Associated