Some of you might remember the trailer, released some 3 years ago, but we kid you not the movie ‘Flying Cars’ will have it’s World Premiere at the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA on June 23rd!

Here’s hoping that Margot Robbie or Emily Ratajkowski are available as a date that evening… if not we’d settle for Kelly Rohrbach… if only she’d unblock us.


Inspired by his childhood passion for RC-car racing, writer/director Dave Hill pioneered this first ever film about RC cars by crewing up with fellow independent filmmakers and steering away from the studio system altogether to shoot his film in just 3 weeks — using the dirt roads of North Hollywood as this movie’s backdrop. When asked about the experience, Dave Hill said, “I grew up roaming warm, golden California fields with my brothers, getting down and dirty while racing RC cars on hot summer days. I wanted my first feature, Flying Cars, to capture this, so I sought to film the more rundown and dry areas of North Hollywood. I wanted to romanticize a side of the San Fernando Valley that some of the valley’s residents might otherwise feel embarrassed by. “
The film stars JEREMY SCHUETZE (“Man in the High Castle”), MACKENZIE LINTZ (“Under the Dome”), JARED KUSNITZ (“Prom”) and REGAN JAMES (“My Friend Violet”). When commenting on casting and finding the right ensemble, Dave Hill mentioned, “After months of fruitless casting sessions, Vancouver-based Jeremy Schuetze sent us a tape that blew me away.  Flying Cars is a story about an anti-hero, DREW who is struggling with the inner-tension of becoming a responsible adult wrapped in the fun, corny world of RC Cars.  Jeremy brought so much passion and heart to this role, carrying all 90 minutes of the film on his shoulders.  At wrap, there was no doubt Jeremy connected with the RC car world.” Dave also commented, “Being a huge fan of Stephen King’s Under the Dome series, Mackenzie Lintz was always on the top of my list for the role of RACHEL. I was thrilled Mackenzie loved the script and signed on. Mackenzie’s character needed to be an unaware, RC car-obsessed tomboy who is equally dorky and alluring. Mackenzie nailed it.”
The film’s robust locations, featuring RC-car racing competitions and crowds of all ages, make it hard to believe the microbudget Dave Hill and his producers utilized, working in part through the support of premier RC-car company, TEAM ASSOCIATED — a leader in race-level competition RC vehicles at the forefront of hobby-car racing since 1965. Dave Hill said, “Pulling off massive RC car stunts on a shoestring budget would not have been possible without the support of the RC car community. We had some of the world’s best RC drivers come out and drive for us.  We filmed at two of the biggest RC car tracks in the country.  There is nothing like watching a toy car hit a massive ramp at 50mph. I wanted the moments at the RC car track in Flying Cars to feel raw and real, and I think we achieved that.”
Dave Hill and Producer, TRENTON WATERSON are off to the races making use of this Hollywood premiere to attract the interest of distributors. Waterson stated, “The industry is bursting with opportunity for this kind of hyper-niche, cross-genre content like Flying Cars.   We’re proud to partner with Dances With Films for this theatrical premiere, and confident millennials and nostalgic Generation X’ers will get a chance watch our flying cars racing and jumping across their devices in 2020.”