Every year the HNMC run a Members GP this is a free meeting to thank all the club members for their support. They run a different format this meeting 15-minute qualifiers and 30-minute finals for Nitro and 10-minute qualifiers for E-Buggy and Truggy and two 12-minute legs final this was run as FTQ. Kevin Brunsden (SWORKz) took the overall TQ in Nitro Buggy while Richard Miller (Kyosho) took the TQ in E-Buggy and George Miller (SWORKz) Truggy. A lunch time all club member had a free BBQ, free drinks and free ice creams thanks to all that cooked!

K.Brunsden was able to convert the P1 spot into a win followed by Taro Cradock (Kyosho) in second and Owen Luckin (XRAY) in third. Ricky Copper (TLR) brought home the win in the E-buggy class from James Clarke (HB Racing) in second while Rick Spiers came in third. In the Truggy class, G.Miller took the win in front of Darren Roper and James Morl in second and third respectively. All results can be found here.

Thanks to Jim Thompson for the report.