Once a year, the French Elite Championship and the French National Championship are mixed together in an event called the Big Race. The Big Race was held at the ARCF42 track in Boisset-Saint-Priest near Lyon. After 5 rounds of qualification, Reno Savoya (TLR) set the overall TQ. Unfortunately during the semi-final, he will break a part and finish in the last position requiring him to race in the LCQ. R.Savoya won the LCQ and he started in 15th and last position for the 45-minute final. In the final Tom Robin (Team Associated) will make a great start and widen a gap on Yannick Aigoin (XRAY). After 20-minute, Y.Aigoin will get closer to T. Robin and manage to overcome him. Meanwhile, R. Savoya will go up one by one his competitors and get closer to Y. Aigoin. With five minutes to go, R.Savoya will be able to overtake Y.Aigoin and stay in the lead until the end. T.Robin rounded out the top 3.