Source: Average Aaron RC

The annual Paddy Piston Race was held over at BADMCC track this past weekend. Last year’s champion, Bradley Baird (JQ Racing), looks to defend his crown against a very strong field. This year sees the introduction of a Truggy Class – which should prove to be interesting. Race Commentator, Bjarne Hollund, will be in attendance this year. As normal, the event is a controlled tyre event. After the practice rounds it was defending champion B.Baird who is setting the pace followed by Graham ‘Sloppy’ Alsop (HB Racing) in 2nd and Matt Lewis (Team Associated) in 3rd.

Round 1 qualifying

B.Baird set the pace and TQs round 1 in both Buggy and Truggy classes. M.Lewis and G.Aslop finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Buggy class while Jon Hazlewood (Agama) and David Telford completed the top 3 in the Truggy class.

Round 2 qualifying

G.Aslop takes the TQ followed by Alan Scroggie (HB Racing) and Elliot Taylor (Agama). In the Truggy class, J.Hazlewood took the TQ, with B.Baird in 2nd and Elliot Taylor (Agama) in 3rd.

Round 3 qualifying

G.Aslop secured the round TQ in the Buggy class from B.Baird in 2nd and M.Lewis in 3rd. In Truggy, it was J.Hazlewood in the TQ position with E.Taylor in 2nd and B.Baird in 3rd.

Round 4 qualifying

In the Buggy class, M.Lewis has top spot in round 4 while Andrew McLean secured 2nd and A.Scroggie takes 3rd. J.Hazlewood took round 4 top spot in Truggy, followed again by E.Taylor in 2nd and D.Telford in 3rd.

Round 5 qualifying

In Buggy, G.Aslop took round 5 TQ, with E.Taylor in 2nd and A.Scroggie in 3rd.

Round 6 qualifying

B.Baird TQs round 6 in Buggy. M.Lewis took 2nd and G.Alsop in 3rd.


In the Truggy A Final it was J.Hazlewood in pole position after TQing. E.Taylor was able to take the win from B.Baird in second and J.Hazlewood in third.

For the hour-long A Main Buggy, it’s G.Aslop in pole, with B.Baird in 2nd and M.Lewis in 3rd. In the Nitro Buggy final, M.Lewis brought home the win from G.Alsop and E.Taylor in second and third respectively.