Race report from Billy Easton:

This was the second series I participated in under the leadership of Dean Lloyd. I want to take a moment and congratulate him and his staff for the job they have done, their commitment to the racers and also their dedication to continue to improve each and every race. Dean , is a stand up guy, listens to suggestions and truly seems like a positive influence for R/c racing. Nobody wants to see the Force series succeed more than him.

With the Spring series being 4 races spread out across Florida, it’s truly a lot of fun as well as challenging. The variety of tracks, Bartow, Sundancers, Strickland , and Lake Park all have very different conditions. These differences can expose your weakness and strengths. My Srx-8 and Srx-8E, performed flawlessly throughout the series only needing minor tweaks to the setups to be relevant at each track. I actually feel really good about their lap speed as well as drivability. Of course even I want to improve them as well as continue to push the boundaries of setup and design. I promise serpent loyalists, I will continue that commitment into the future.

This series was not easy, we had lots of new faces turn up as well as some teams becoming more active in the series. This should make for a very challenging Fall series to come. With all that being said , I am very thankful to have won both Pro nitro buggy as well as Pro E Buggy classes. None of this would be possible with out the support and sacrifice of my family and children. I also have to give thanks to my close friends that also help me along, especially Steve Narrington for his unwavering support and pitting. I want to say thanks to each and every team mate and customer who continues to support the Srx line of cars and the Serpent brand, race in and out. Without you guys , racing wouldn’t even be possible.

In conclusions, congratulations  to all my team mates who took home trophies as well as all the other winners in their appropriate class. Racing is not easy, and winning any series takes a lot of effort. Winning can only be achieved by the use of great products, choose wisely. See all you guys at the next race..🙂