See: Smart Engine break in system

Smart Engine have introduced the new break in system. The system will provide real break in process and handle most the job under automatically. Because the whole process is control by intelligent system, it provides more precise, stable and safer control to complete the break in process. Through the system you can program most parameter according to your own preferences while safely features will protect your engine during the break in process.

There are many different opinions about the way to break-in engine, can be summarized into “break-in bench method” ,“oil SPA method “,”cold break-in method “to give the engine have best performance. The Smart Engine break in system avoids over run by idling speed. The engine needs to experience varying level of load, pressure, temperature and speed recommended by the manufacturer during break in process. The Smart Engine break in system avoids also engine break in under the operating temperature range. This is because when the engine reaches the operating temperature. All components will expand the size according to the operating temperature under heat expansion.

The Smart Engine break in system features the TDC function that will detect if the piston is at the bottom dead center” when the engine is stopped to avoid damage the piston once the engine has cooled down and also to be sure the engine will have maximum running stroke before start. An optional WiFi module is available in option to monitor the Smart Engine break in system with your smartphone. 


  • RPM control
  • Temperature control
  • Built-in ignitor
  • Heater
  • Fan
  • Built-in starter
  • Large fuel tank
  • Fuel volume sensor
  • RPM sensor
  • Adjustable load unit
  • Adjustable program