The first round of the Austrian Nationals was held on one of the few dirt tracks left in Austria, up north close to the Czech boarder. The weather forecast looked terrible the week before the event, with even having the chance of snow on Sunday but luckily there was only one rain delay on Saturday afternoon. Racing on Sunday was very cold with a lot of ice cold wind and super slippery conditions, which made racing very difficult, and very close. In the 2WD class it was Hupo Honigl (XRAY) who secured the TQ in front of Peter Pinisch (Team Associated) and Lucas Greiner (XRAY). The finals were even closer and P.Pinisch, L.Grainer and H.Honigl won one final each so in the end the best time made the difference. H.Honigl grabbed the win from L.Grainer and P.Pinisch, in second and third respectively.

In the 4WD class, Martin Kreil (XRAY) could snatch the TQ spot with the fastest time in the last qualifier. In the finals it was a close affair between M.Kreil, H.Honigl and L.Grainer. Ultimately M.Kreil was able to take the win in the first 2 finals and get the overall win in front of H.Honigl in second and L.Grainer in third.