XRAY have introduced new graphite composite PB steering blocks and rear uprights LB for the XB8’19. The lightweight yet strong parts are molded from specially formulated graphite composite material. The graphite material offers more responsive feel especially on bumpy tracks and ensures free suspension movement in dusty conditions. The rear uprights LB are very strong and make the rear of car very stable, yet is very light taking some load off of the rear suspension, improving bump absorbing and handling on bumpy tracks. To extend the set-up alternatives, an additional lower roll-center adjustment position was added. The smart design allows the same upright to be used on both left & right sides. The lower suspension pin on which the rear upright sits features 2 shims for wheelbase adjustment. The rear upright features integrated geometry adjustments including: camber, upper and lower roll center and wheelbase. The PB steering blocks and rear uprights LB feature larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearing for increased reliability and life-span and they are suitable for most track conditions, especially for high- and very-high-traction tracks.