Source: Psycho Nitro Blast (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the 12th annual Psycho Nitro Blast at the Walter State Expo Center in White Pine, Tennessee. The event, maybe the biggest in the world attracted 753 entries and 357 unique drivers. The event was held in the usual Nitro and Electric classes. In the Pro Nitro Buggy class it was Ryan Lutz (Agama) who set the overall TQ but he couldn’t convert the P1 spot into a win as Tyler Jones TLR) brought home the win from Joe Bornhorst (Tekno) in second. R.Lutz came in third. In the Pro E-Buggy class ti was J.Bornhorst who set the pace by claiming the overall TQ after the qualifying rounds and also the win from R.Lutz in second and Dakotah Phend (TLR) in third.

Pro Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Tyler Jones
  2. Joe Bornhorst
  3. Ryan Lutz (TQ)
  4. Evan Vail
  5.  Tanner Denney

Pro E-Buggy Results:

  1. Joe Bornhorst (TQ)
  2. Ryan Lutz
  3. Dakotah Phend
  4. Jared Tebo
  5. Justin Fales

Pro Nitro Truggy Results:

  1. Ryan Lutz (TQ)
  2. Dakotah Phend
  3. Joe Bornhorst
  4. Jared Tebo
  5. Jackson Brunson

E-Truggy Results:

  1. Ryan Lutz (TQ)
  2. Patrick Rossiter
  3. Joey Bourdon
  4. Jeremy Mcguigan
  5. Shon Harding

40+ Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Greg Degani
  2. Paul Ciccarello (TQ)
  3. Donald Elliott
  4. Jimbo Kvidera
  5. Jeff Keeton

40+ E-Buggy Results:

  1. Paul Ciccarello (TQ)
  2. Donald Elliott
  3. Rob Gleason
  4. Keith Lewis
  5. Jody Johnson

Open Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Ben Pinover
  2. Alex Vaughn
  3. Konner Webb
  4. Bryan Kata
  5. Shane Barrier

Open E-Buggy Results:

  1. Brad Collins
  2. Bryan Kata
  3. Ben Pinover
  4. Cowboy Risser
  5. Travis Jones

Open Nitro Truggy Results:

  1. Brad Collins
  2. Shane Barrier
  3. Michael Percell
  4. Shawn Fraser
  5. Cody Saner (TQ)

4WD Open Short Course Results:

  1. Patrick Rossiter (TQ)
  2. Ben Pinover
  3. Buzzy Wright
  4. Ranadall Carte Jr.
  5. Jason Zaluski

Sportsman Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. On Time (TQ)
  2. Landon Arnold
  3. Matthew Tate
  4. Michael Anderson
  5. Steven Garner

Sportsman E-Buggy Results:

  1. Miss Bella (TQ)
  2. Zachariah Luke
  3. Jason Zaluski
  4. Damon Evans
  5. Roland Compton

Sportsman Nitro Truggy Results:

  1. Ike Hawkersmith (TQ)
  2. Dakota McMahan
  3. Jacob Savage
  4. Mitch Arnold
  5. Salty Joe

15U Junior Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Tristan Beiter (TQ)
  2. Joey Bourdon
  3. Kiarra Hold
  4. Logan Powell
  5. Adam Congreve

Photos: Jacob Peterson (RaceTime Entertainment)