First round of Norwegian 1/10 buggy Nationals was hosted by up and coming KMBK club, located in Grimstad in the south of the country. The club’s members really put in a huge effort to make everything professional and everything was on point, timing, food and flexibility. The club also have some fast local racers, and also some young upcoming racers. Its nice to see they care about the youngsters, the feeling is so nice when you see in theire eyes that there is a passion there.

Free practice were held on friday for all drivers. The track layout have been the same for a while but the crew made some changes to make it a little harder than when you come to new layout. Most drivers at the club race 4wd, so that was going to be the class to beat and the fastest local guy Gisle Brøvig (XRAY) is a very strong driver and the biggest local hope for the race. On saturday it was straight into 2wd qualifying, four rounds and best two counts. Daniel Kobbevik (XRAY) took all qualify rounds by huge margin, it was very open on podium spots behind him, and nothing was settled before last A-main. 4 drivers were fighting for second and third spot. Adrian Sognestad (Team Associated)had two second places, but both Petter Berntsen (Yokomo) and Oyvind Stusdal (Serpent) had one third each, and if they could take a win in last final they would push him down to third. Vincent Ruger (XRAY), another young upcoming driver, could also mix into podium, and he also needed a win to get in.

A-3 started up and after just few laps A.Sognestad made some huge mistakes and he had to stop, so no it was up to the other guys to decide how the podium would end up. V.Ruger had found really good pace and was leading in front of Ø.Stusdal, that started to close in, and P.Berntsen was chasing in third, but V.Ruger did a perfect run and could take the win in A-3, that gave him third at podium.

2WD Buggy final results:

  1. Daniel Kobbevik, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  2. Adrian Sognestad, AE, Absima, Sunpadow
  3. Vincent Ruger, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  4. Øyvind Stusdal, Serpent, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  5. Petter Berntsen, Yokomo
  6. Roger Berntsen, Yokomo, EZ power
  7. Mathias Fink, AE, Hobbywing, LRP
  8. Bastian Andreassen, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  9. Peter Stein, AE, Absima, Sunpadow
  10. Ola Løvbrekke, PR, Hobbywing, Sunpadow

Then it was on to 4wd sunday morning and the big question was, could Gisle Brøvig (XRAY) match up with D.Kobbevik speed. These two guys were definitely the two fastest in and when qualifying started G.Brøvig had a little tougher job than D.Kobbevik to do, since he had to run in a lower heat, and that can sometimes cause some extra traffic. D.Kobbevik won again all 4 rounds with good margins, and was in his own class of speed, but when finals started there is a new game starting. G.Brøvig was going to start second at the grid in the mains so he had still the chance to hang in the game. First A-main started and D.Kobbevik checked out right away, took a comfortable win with 28 laps in front of G.Brøvig with 27 laps and A.Sognestad with 25 laps. A2 started up at same way with D.Kobbevik pulling away and took the win with 29 laps followed by G.Brøvig with 27 laps, and this time Mathias Fink (team Associated) had found good speed and took third with 26 laps. So again things needed to be settled in A3 about who was going to take second and third. D.Kobbevik decided to run A3, and this was also going to be his fastest run the whole weekend. G.Brøvig secured his second place but about the third place it was a fight between M.Fink and A.Sognestad, and in the end M.Fink pulled away early and secured the podium spot.

4WD Buggy final results:

  1. Daniel Kobbevik, Xray Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  2. Gisle Brøvig, Xray, Hobbywing, EZ
  3. Mathias Fink, AE, Hobbywing, LRP
  4. Adrian Sognestad, AE, Absima, Sunpadow
  5. Øyvind Stusdal, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  6. Jaran Flaath, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  7. Bastian Andreassen, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow
  8. Peter Stein, AE, Absima, Sunpadow
  9. Daniel Solberg, AE, Reedy, Reedy
  10. Kristoffer Liane, Xray, Hobbywing, Sunpadow

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report.